First United Methodist Church
Plymouth, Indiana

Welcome to Our Church

The picture of Abraham holding the knife high above Isaac’s body bound on the sacrificial altar is probably one of the most vivid memories of my childhood Christian education. I don’t know that it was a framed painting in my Sunday school room, and surely it wasn’t in my kid’s version of my Bible—but once you see it, it can’t be unseen—particularly when you’re 4 or 5 or 10 years old. Even now, I read the story and I wonder, oh, my gosh—how could Abraham do something like that? How could...
Last week we ended on a happy note, with laughter and joy because Sarah and Abraham, well beyond their child-bearing years, had given birth to Isaac, fulfilling the promise that God had made that their descendants would be many—more than the stars up above. But now, there is this issue of Hagar, and she and Abraham’s son, Ishmael.  “Issue” seems a bit understated: they are, after all, flesh and blood people.  Hagar is Sarah’s former handmaid, now a wife to Abraham—given to him by...
Imagine Abraham as a Middle Eastern sheik. One of those Arabic sheiks you’ve seen on TV in flowing white robes, head gear held by a gold braid. That is, after all, what Abraham was. He and Sarah were wealthy. They had many servants, camels, sheep and goats, and a large homestead in what today is southern Israel. In the middle of that land they had pitched their tent under a huge spreading oak. And if there’s a tree, there’s water. Their tent is as big as a house, the sand inside covered with luxurious...

Upcoming Events

We are suspending live services and events in accord with the Governor's Stay Home order. We are live streaming Sunday services at 10:30 am on Facebook and uploading it to YouTube. We are also live streaming The Well service at 5 pm on Sunday evenings and again uploading to YouTube. 


It has come to our attention that an email is circulating, supposedly from Paster Toni, asking for money or for you to purchase gift cards. This is not from Pastor Toni! Please do not respond, do not send any information or money, and delete the email from your computer! It would not hurt to run a virus scan on your computer if you have received an email like this.

Please help spread the word so no one is hurt by this scam. If you have any questions, please call the church office.

Weekly Bible Verse

"God is my Refuge and my Strength." -  Psalm 46:1-3

Daily Devotions

Saturday, June 27, 2020

To grow is to emerge gradually from a land where our vision is limited, where we are seeking and governed by egotistical pleasure, by our sympathies and antipathies, to a land of unlimited horizons and universal love, where we will be open to every person and desire their happiness.
Jean Vanier

Our Ministries

Our programs and services for adults allow us to enjoy fellowship and worship together. The First United Methodist Church also has several groups for adults and Bible Studies throughout the week.
We offer several fun and unique programs and activities that children and youth love! From our fun Sunday School to exciting community events, we have everything your child needs to grow with God.
Music impacts everyone. The First United Methodist Church provides a wonderful ministry through music. Please visit our church on Sunday and experience the glorious and vibrant sounds.